Project Gallery

Professional Demo Reel

This short montage of projects I have created will give you a taste of the skills I have to offer, giving you a reason to remember the name.

Carbondale Chamber of Commerce

In response to COVID-19 shutting down the local businesses and economy, I approached the Carbondale Chamber of Commerce about creating a video to help our local businesses.  This is what we created together, "Tips: Working to improve your Business" all while respecting social distancing and quarantines.

TAV Screen Shot

Event Promotion

This Able Veteran

This Able Veteran raises and trains pups to become service dogs for U.S. Veterans who are struggling with PTSD.  Due to COVID restrictions this year TAV was unable to hold an in person Color Run Event, so we worked together and crafted this message that directly shows the impact the service dogs and PTSD course that TAV has the veterans go through.

When I originally heard about the Color Run, I felt I had to be involved in getting the word out about the event, and their mission.  It was an honor to create a 3 commercial campaign for This Able Veteran, and I'm so glad they exceeded their goal of raising $25,000!

The photo to the left is a screenshot showing that the promotional video obtained over 1,1000 views only 24 hours after it was posted!  This shows the power video has when used on social media.

Social Media

Southern Illinois University

Since I started full-time employment at Southern Illinois University I have had the honor of creating numerous different videos.  Here's a few of my current favorites.

Social Media & Broadcast Commercial

Krafts By Kristena,

Tee Lee Treasures,

& Fur Babies

My wife runs Krafts By Kristena and has been able to partner up with Tee Lee Treasures and Fur Babies to operate a store under one roof.  This by nature can be potentially confusing, so to clarify what is in the store, and of course promote it, I created this commercial for them.

Organization Overview

Good Samaritan Ministries of the Metro East

This organization truly does give the residents of East St. Louis a hand up, not just a hand out.  Jo Ann approached me with her need of getting a video created that showcases how GSM serves their local community, while also pitching the continual need for volunteers and donations.  According to the response she has received, this video has done just that.  Additionally, GSM gave me a hand up by providing the opportunity to purchase some of the gear needed to make Premiere Productions possible.

Organization Overview

Herrin House of Hope

The Herrin House of Hope provides free restaurant style meals to anyone who walks through their doors.  They needed a video to help them get the word out about their ministry and the need for people to join with them as volunteers or with donations with their "Sponsor a Day" program.  They are truly feeding and making each guest feel like a whole person.

Music Video

Fallen Kingdom

My co-worker, colleague and close friend Erica Mills, stage name Capri, was troubled by the violence plaguing our nation, and in response she wrote this song, and it is quite raw. As Capri says herself, "Fallen Kingdom addresses the racial tensions relating to police brutality and the Black Lives Matter Movement, and how changing mindsets and coming together as a nation under God can help make the ultimate difference." I served as a consultant, videographer and drone operator for this video.

More projects are in the works, yours could be the next one showcased on this page!