Video Production for Southern Illinois

Mission Accepted:

Everyone has a message to deliver to their audience.  The mission of Premiere Productions to partner with our clients to help them deliver their message, through video, in a impactful and cost effective method.

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Aerial Videography & Photography

I am a fully licensed and insured Part 107 FAA UAS (Drone) Pilot with years of experience flying for broadcast, marketing, real estate, and music videos.


Sell It Yourself - USA (Automotive)

Right now there are thousands of vehicles for sale, and the majority of them use still photos.  Sell It Yourself - USA is a service I am offering to those who want to use video to sell their vehicles on social media.

SIY Auto Still

Sell It Yourself - USA (Real Estate)

Have you ever watched a real estate video and thought, "This home is gorgeous, but how do the rooms flow together?  What's the lay out of the property?"  That question is why I created the service, Sell It Yourself - USA (Real estate).  This is a service I am offering to those who want to use video to sell their properties on social media with the floor plan visible at all times!

SIY Real Estate Still

Vlogging Experience

With the popularity of Vlogging and YouTube Channels, there are a lot of people who want to start a channel, but don't have the gear to do so.  The Vlogging Experience is a service I am offering to anyone who wants to start a vlog or YouTube channel.  Check out the Vlogging Experience page to view a sample and additional information.

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Social Media Management

There is a lot of responsibilities associated in running a business.  I have experience in managing Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Twitter and basic website accounts (think Weebly or WordPress).  Let me partner with you and take this responsibility for you and help you get your message out to your customers / clients.  And don't worry, nothing will ever be posted without your expressed approval.

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Custom Video Production

Do you need a video to help train New employees?  Virtual tour of a property?  Have a complex technical process that you need to explain?  I can help you communicate your message in an impactful way.  My first question will be, what is the primary goal for your video?  Whatever that is, I can help you present it to your audience.

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Next Steps...

What ever message you need to communicate, I can help you create and deliver it to your audience.  Reach on out to me and let's talk.