Sell It Yourself – Real Estate

Photos Become Video

Photos are great but video is what grabs the your attention on social media.  I can create a virtual tour of your property using photos from your cell phone.

Floor-plan Included

If you have seen a virtual tour you probably got confused on how the rooms interacted with one another.  Every ad has the option to include a floor-plan that is on screen at all times throughout the video.

Share it and Sell it!

Once your ad is completed I send you a file that you can easily upload and share on all social media sites.  Just post it, share it and watch the views count climb!

Check out a sample

Click the video below to see exactly what I can create for you.

Different styles are available

If you want a country, rock, or contemporary/corporate type of feel, I can create your ad to your desired specifications.  Just let me know what you like, and I will take it from there.

Next Steps...

Reach out to me at to take the next step in getting your property sold on social media using video!